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It's an enjoyable image, nonetheless. We've been getting friendly with iriver's latest touchscreen masterpiece over the past few days, and have a few impressions iriver p7 share. In many ways, though, the P7 is exactly what the pictures and spec sheet make it out to be: great design, great specs, few surprises, and little in the way of "interesting" functionality. While the Apples and Microsofts of the world keep on merging the world of PMPs with PDAs with phones, iriver seems content here to build a "mere" media player and leave it at that.

Iriver P7 review

Read our full impressions after the iriver p7. Hardware We're torn. The Archos 5 has a 4. The player has an excellent seven-band EQ, with eight presets and one user-customizable option. The P7 iriver p7 an easy-to-operate voice recorder, an FM radio with an equally intuitive recorder and 20 presets, and a built-in speaker.

Still, in the age of the iPhone and media-savvy BlackBerry, companies will find selling a player at this price point increasingly difficult if it doesn't have some Wi-Fi features, like the Microsoft's flash-based Zunes do. On a fully charged battery, iriver p7 P7 managed 16 hours and iriver p7 minutes of life playing audio—less than half iriver's estimation of 35 hours.

Hardware We're torn. On one hand, iriver's stark, minimal design prowess is at its height here. No needless curves, wasted buttons or confusing bits, just a simple slab of recycling-friendly iriver p7, with plastic on the ends and a screen in the middle. At the same time, the player seems needlessly thick. We appreciate a good bit of battery life iriver claims 7 hours of video playback and 4. From a technical point of view, there's much to like about the P7.

How to convert videos for iriver P7?

iriver p7 Music quality was good, although you'll need to use a decent set of headphones rather than the cheap pair that comes with it. Don't have an account?


Join Now. While iriver p7 P7's hardware looks like it takes a few cues from Apple, the touch-screen interface is entirely unique. Iriver appropriately describes the main menu screen as magazinelike, laying out each of the player's functions on a single screen, compartmentalized into an attractive arrangement of boxes. If you're accustomed to scrolling though menus, the P7's Mondrian-esque layout takes a little time to grow on you. After spending some time with it, we can't say the layout offers any practical advantages, but it's a pleasant break from the norm.

Iriver P7 unboxing and review

Once you dial down into the P7's music and photo menus, the single-page interface of the main menu eventually gives way to a more common list view. People who complain about the software want something that iriver p7 everything for them. Nothing on the iriver p7 disc is necessary, unless you need to convert movies. It is that easy and this is a high tech item with lots of features. The touch screen is a great feature and it has a good selection of sound equalizers. Cons: An arm band with a see thru face would have been a nice touch. The one I found for another brand wasn't large enough.

Have to settle for a "total enclosure" one and resort to a play list could have operated the touch screen thru a clear cover.


Pros: Nice design, beautiful 4. Build in speaker.

Coming from JDX, P7 has much more processing power since I was able to skip through video playback with no lag at all. Touch screen to iriver p7 video in full screen.

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Overall Review: Wish the player can handle. Untill iRiver release a firmware update that can support. Suck wast of the big screen. Iriver should invest in writing a firmware that can play.How does iRiver's P7 PMP fare against the likes of the Cowon O2 and iPod touch ?. The Good The Iriver P7 is a gorgeous portable video player that iriver p7 in music, iriver p7, photos, radio, voice recording, and a text reader.

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