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Film Scanner Slide Manual

The warped areas mygear film strip scanner more like the filling of a blow-up balloon with an image or words printed in the balloon. I realize that there are some current software tools like "Deshaker" but that is where the whole image is intact and just bouncing. I have no affiliation with these image tools and have no intention in making this. Hopefully the reader will invent this.

In the meanwhile I am scanning twice daily on a batch of 8ea mygear film strip scanner reels. I should be done in a few days. After that I have 2 more large orders- the additional scanner should come just in time to help with those 2 orders next week sometime.

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I have noticed that my current order containing Kodachrome films on metal reels are in really nice straight condition without any warping. Could it be that the last 3 orders were just awful?

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This order just runs so smoothly without any hiccups. I get to see what this wonderful scanner can do. I would like to have a whole rack of them. Each one scans slowly and by doing several mygear film strip scanner simultaneously - then that slowness is no longer a negative thing.

I got a pretty good deal with discount and free shipping. I just hope it is as described and is in wonderful condition. As the film on the reel grows larger - the pull tension lessens 3.

Film-scanners below approx. euro

The weight of the 5" reel when full causes the film reel to angle down- which further makes the reel mygear film strip scanner closer to the steel textured front panel My solution for now is to simply pull the reel slightly forward on the 8mm to Super8 adapter. The small nub that holds the reel from falling off is no longer just past the reel - now that little nub is under the actual reel's hole. By pulling the reel out slightly- this avoids any chance of scraping. A better solution is to mygear film strip scanner print a custom reel adapter which holds the takeup reel further away from the steel body. Or possibly to make a small washer which fits in between the reel and the 8mm to Super8 adapter. I actually have several of these small adapters the machine is provided with a red one and a grey one I have a few vintage beige colored ones.

It isnt the fault of the machine that the Reel I use has a recessed middle portion. For these very very white scenes 1.

Snow 2. Filming against the sun 3.

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Sky and clouds on a bright sunny day 4. The LED backlight is a nice even light and evenly lights the film and is safe for the built-in scanner even in the "polar bear in the snowstorm" shots.

Mygear film strip scanner the lamp is not a pure white light source - it is yellowish reddish, your snow and polar bear now look orange-ish and loses whatever is left of the color. THE LED is much better and captures whatever is left of the faded image - including the residual color.

The Wolverine Moviemaker is good at scavenging faded overexposed film with very light images. I never used the editor but I have used the 2ea rewinders for my Super8 Regular8 mygear film strip scanner 16mm orders as checking the film before running a transfer is important to fix bad splices, clean etc. Most recently I have removed the editor box which I never once used and simply place my Wolverine Moviemaker exactly where the removed editor was held in place by 2 screws under the board was. I didnt secure the Wolverine unit in place at all. I mostly use the left rewinder. The right hand rewinder I just ignore. The film splicer is there too and makes good clean splices for 8mm or 16mm but is not for super8.


You can find ones just like it on big-auction-site.Download 32bit driver from the following link: ( MB). Download 64bit driver from the following link: ( MB). film strip scanner. user manual.

model number: GFP After Sales Support TEL: WEB: Contents. What Your 1 Year.

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