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Depending on overall shielding and grounding design, this may be done to the chassis ground, signal ground, or a termination plane. Care must be taken when using various grounding methods to insure that emission requirements are met. This floating plane acts as a plate of a capacitor with an intel ich7 lom with 82562g plc ground plane. Stray energy on unused pins is then carried to the plane. It is recommended that the termination plane capacitance equal a minimum value of pF.

82562ET(EM) and 82562GT(G) LAN on Motherboard Design Guide Application Note (AP-414) Revision 2.1

This helps reduce the amount of crosstalk on the differential pairs from the unused pairs of the RJ connector. Pads may be placed for an additional capacitance to chassis ground, which may be required if the termination plane capacitance is not large enough to pass Electrical Fast Transient EFT testing. If a discrete capacitor is used, to meet the EFT requirements it should be rated for at least Vac. Figure 9. On designs where there is enough PCB space, a power trace that is mils wide or wider, is better. Extremely long power traces should be decoupled every three to five inches.

Placing a decoupling cap on the power trace, once every few inches, greatly reduces the amount of noise that will reach the PLC device. Figure To reduce noise in the LAN device and on the wire; If a power trace is more than an intel ich7 lom with 82562g plc long, it should be decoupled both at source intel ich7 lom with 82562g plc near destination.

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Also, a series Ferrite Bead near the destination can intel ich7 lom with 82562g plc. Separating power traces and power-fills with 20 to 30 mil wide moats reduce signal and power noise from coupling onto the LAN power trace or onto the LAN power-fill. They should be placed as close to the PLC device as possible since they terminate the entire impedance seen at the termination source including the wire impedance reflected through the transformer. Ideally, a typical PCB output amplitude should be within A termplane is a plane fabricated into the PCB substrate. This plane, which has no DC termination, acts like one-half of a capacitor that provides a path for the coupled noise.

Pads may be placed for additional intel ich7 lom with 82562g plc, which may be required if failure occurs during electrical fast transient testing.

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In some cases, it may be desirable to attach filter capacitors. PHY testing is the final determination that a layout has been performed successfully. If your company does not have the resources and equipment to perform these tests, consider contracting the tests to an outside facility.

Crucial tests are as follows, listed in priority order: 1. This test is a good indicator of real world network performance.

It should be done with long and short cables and many link partners. Return Loss. More From Filadelfo Batista. Filadelfo Batista.

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