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Benefits Reduces manual data input. Tea Zone Hotel; P.

Fix self registration layout problem where buttons were too low and colliding with virtual keyboard when using a larger number of fields per screen. Add registry variable SigPadFolder to contain path to folder where Sig Pad display bitmaps are stored. By default they are found in the program installation folder. Easylobby snapshell in self registration virtual keyboard to hide function and Esc keys by default, now has a registry variable SRShowFunctionKeys to enable. Fix so that help easylobby snapshell not run when pressing F1 in self registration mode.

Allow Package form Custom Id field to be editable.


Fix problem when scanning carrier tracking barcode to create a package easylobby snapshell when the Custom Id generation option is set to not generate, it was not saving the Custom Id field aka the tracking number. Fix package grid and form refresh when scanning package tracking barcode for check out delivered.


Easylobby snapshell support for scanning new FedEx tracking number barcodes, add support for Purolator tracking barcode. On Asset Loan form, update the visitor dropdown list when visitors get added or checked in or out. Fix problem during check in when prox card is assigned, if the card was assigned to an old record that was in the checked in state, and also assigned to a preregistered record created later than the old checked in record, it failed to run the check out dialog for the old record.

IDentisource. EasyLobby Peripherals

Fix run time error saving employee vehicle info and there are no vehicle types and using an Oracle database. Fix scanning animation hang-up with AssureTec scanner for spurious first-time premature doc complete event. Fix frequent visitor alert so that multiple check ins on different days on a visitor record are considered in the calculation of the number of visits. Previously it only considered the most recent check in on a visitor record. Fix run time error in review screen after a document scan due to reentrancy to the form resize event. Fix problem in self easylobby snapshell wizard where data of birth did not correctly appear and where the address fields did not include country.

Was working OK in v Fix error during deletion of employee when employee has multiple checked in related visitors. Fix crash in Edit Parking form when parking space is assigned to multiple visitors.

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  • EasyLobby® Solo – Electronic Development Sales (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • EasyLobby SVM10 Visitor Management Software System ID Wholesaler
  • Visitor Management
  • EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management Software System

On Visitor form, support for language-translated versions of the icon legend at lower left. Fix headers in Program Options visitor fields grid so they are translated in other language versions. Fix headers in Easylobby snapshell Entry grid on visitor form and Employee Entry grid on Employee form so they are translated in other language versions. Fix problem in self registration wizard when signature is a required field, if the visitor signed and declined, it was putting the Declined image in as the signature but allowing the registration to finish.


Fix sex offender match forms so that the do not get a run-time error when the form is minimized. Fix bug in Asset Loan Current Asset Easylobby snapshell lookup when using site filtering, it displayed asset loan records regardless of site.

Fix for self registration wizard user defined combos defined to be a list, they did not properly work as pure list and allowed type in instead of only allowing values to be selected from the list. In right-click popup menu, when clicking on the background, allow the returning visitor function. Fix report wizard run-time errors in Portuguese version. easylobby snapshell

EasyLobby SVM Hardware

Fix problem on visitor form where photo easylobby snapshell were not disabled when set to disabled in Program Options Visitor Fields. Allow ScanShell scanner to scan documents inserted in the vertical easylobby snapshell. Contact us We have our team ready and waiting to take your call. Phone Social. The system also supports printing thermal, paper and hard card badges.

These visitor backing boards are for use with visitor adhesive labels or visitor adhesive cards to compliment a visitor management system. Joe, Scott from Groove Identification Solutions did arrive onsite to retrieve their loaner printer; thus, returning our serviced unit. This integrated software system can be scaled from a single computer license to hundreds of SVM stations across multiple locations. It's a secure approach to effectively identify, manage, and track visitors, temporary employees, or contractors in your organization's facilities. Automated data collection Using the system's included hardware ID scanner, barcode scanner, and printeremployees can easylobby snapshell visitors in and have their badge printed in less than a minute.

Group By. Step 5.

Fix so the disconnected email mode properly supports user defined fields 13 — 24, requires eAdvance server version Improve handling of group registration email notification so that it sends one email with the group list instead of individual emails for each group member. Allow editing of notification email subject and body in File Options menu. Add additional option on ScanShell to allow a button to be tied to easylobby snapshell specific Id type as defined by the ForceStateCode registry variable.Install an Acuant ScanShell or SnapShell R2 device.

Installing and configuring the Acuant driver's license scanners

easylobby snapshell Connect EasyLobby to the SQL Server or Oracle database. EasyLobby SVM is an enterprise level solution that can scale to meet a large customer base, and. CSS SnapShell R2 license/card scanner.

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