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Note The unit of measurement millimeters, pixels, inches used on the Field Properties dialog box is the same as that selected with the ruler unit of measurement button Page To reposition casio cw-50 resize a field 1. Select the field you want to reposition.


Note If multiple fields are selected, only the reference field the one with the gray selection boundary can be repositioned. Size and Zoom Factor Inputting a value in one box automatically changes the value in the other box. On the casio cw-50 that appears, click Properties.


This displays casio cw-50 Field Properties dialog box. Casio cw-50 aspect ratio When this check box is selected, the field is resized while maintaining the relative ratio between its vertical and horizontal dimensions. When this checkbox is cleared, a field can be resized by changing the horizontal or vertical dimension only.

Print Casio cw-50 Location These values indicate the relative location of the print area from the upper left corner of the work area. Changing the values in the box causes the print area to move to the new location. Dimensions: These are the dimensions of the image when it was originally captured or casio cw-50 from a file.

Input the values you want and casio cw-50 click OK. Right-clicking the mouse while the cursor is located in the work area displays casio cw-50 of the shortcut menus shown below. When an image field is selected.

Select the phrase you want casio cw-50 the submenu that appears to input it. You can also configure position and size settings on the properties dialog box. Printing and Other Operations Printing a Label 1 Perform the steps below to print label data on casio cw-50 printer. Check the following points before you start to print.

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Gently pull out the disc tray the rest of the way. Note Note that the disc tray does not open automatically when you have the Manually open Disc tray before printing option selected for the Auto Disc Tray Operation Setting item on the Print tab of the Advanced Settings dialog box. In this case, click the button on the Print dialog box or press the Eject button on the casio cw-50 of the printer. See page 14 for more information. Opens the disc tray. See casio cw-50 70 for more information.

Casio CW-50

Place the disc whose label you want to print into the disc tray. After positioning casio cw-50 disc, remove the positioning guide. J Place the positioning guide while watching the guidelines on the disc tray.


Note Adjust the position of the disc so printing does not overlap logos, etc. Make sure you check the print layout and orientation before placing the disc onto the tray. Place the positioning guide on top of the disc. Make sure to remove the positioning guide before printing. Click Start Printing. This starts casio cw-50 first printing.

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Place the positioning guide here. Note If the label of the disc you are using casio cw-50 not have specific printing areas, you can skip steps 3 and 4. Casio cw-50 pull out the tray the rest of the way.

Otherwise, you should continue with the following steps below. Rotate the disc degrees and casio cw-50 it back onto the tray.


Positioning the Disc on the Tray Use the positioning guide to adjust the position of the disc on the tray in the following cases. Position the disc so the logo or other markings on the disc label are not inside the shaded casio cw-50. Position the disc so the first printing is located here, and then set the disc onto the tray. Repeat steps 3 and 4 casio cw-50 position the disc.

Casio Black 3-Pack of Thermal Ink Ribbon Tapes for Casio CW Series

Printing will be performed inside the area indicated by the guidelines on the disc tray.Disc Title Printer CW/CW Support casio cw-50 FAQs · Manuals · Downloads casio cw-50 Windows8 /7 /Vista · Warranty · Service Charges · Product Repair/Parts · Technical. Disc Title Printer CW/CW Support · FAQs & Downloads · Product Repair / Parts · CASIO Sales Distributors · Manuals · Product Registration. Print this page.

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