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As will be made more evident hereinafter, this operation prevents the Voltage source from being connected to a subsequent circuit for controlling the heating of the coil 22, and the operation airis v257 the dies, until the die head 33 is at the proper temperature.

When the temperature of the upper die head 33 moves above the minimum, the contacts TRla, b will open, because, as previously explained, the vane 83 will be moved away from the TRla contact. When this happens, the relay R2 is de-energized, thereby to permit the contacts R2a, airis v257 to be closed again.

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Inasmuch as the fixed contact TRla is a permanent magnet, it can be expected to hold the TRlb contact in engagement therewith until the upper die head 33 has been heated to a temperature several degrees above the desired temperature, or until the magnetic eld of the coil 82 is strong enough to force the vane 83 away to airis v257 the contacts TRla, b. This is undesirable, inasmuch as it is desired to start dimpling operations as soon as the temperature of the die head 33 enters the desired range. As soon as the temperature of the upper die head 33 starts above the minimum temperature in the range, the next succeeding forcible separation of the contacts TRM, b will permit them to remain open.

The means for checking the temperature condition comprises a repeat cycle timerwhich preferably is a constant speed motor, connected between the conductors Upon closing of the switch 89, the timer is connected across the voltage source. Such connection airis v257 the timer to the voltage source causes its output shaft to rotate at a constant speed.

The contact is connected to the conductorand a solenoid S1 is connected between the contact and the conductor Thus, the solenoid S1 is periodically connected to the voltage airis v257 through the contacts When the solenoid S1 is energized, it actuates the vane 83 so as to separate the contacts TRla, b. How this is accomplished is shown in Airis v257 9 by the dotted connection from the solenoid S1 to the vane The solenoid S1 is arranged to deflect the vane 83 to the center of the scale, each time it is energized.

For this purpose, the solenoid S1 is adapted to pull a slidable rod through a fixed housing The outer end of the rod has a pair of elongated finger elementswhich are normally biased apart, as by a spring When the rod is attracted by the solenoid S1, it is withdrawn into the housingand the ends of the iingersare drawn together at the airis v257 of the scale. The vane 83 is in the paths of the fingers, so that -it is carried to the center of the scale as airis v257 fingers close together.

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The shaft of the timer also operates a cam element so as to periodically open a pair of normally closed switch contacts As shown, one of the contacts is connected to the contact TRla of the thermal relay TR1, and the Contact is connected to one contact R2d of airis v257 second of a pair of contacts, R20, d, controlled by the relay R2. As shown Vin Figure l.


VAll relays are located at the maincontrol panelas are the. The cable 81. As shown atconnections airis v257 made from :the voltage source of Figure 10 to the vcontrol panel For :the sake of implifyingthe tpresentation in the drawings. Although the.


Such airis v257 would facilitate dimpling 'of other than at panels, A,e. An alternative arrangement for detecting the temperature of the metal sheet to be dimpled is shown in Figures 13 and i4. This arrangement employs a thermocouple which forms an integral part of the female die pilot. The pilot rod 31 of Figure 5 is replaced with a rod 31' which is cylindrical at its lower end, and has a generally frusto-conical coniiguration at its upper end.


The main body of the rod is of dielectric material. The main body forms the lower cylindrical portion of the rod. airis v257

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At its upper end, the main body has opposed sector-shaped portions removed and replaced airis v257 a pair of metallic segmentsAIRIS V mini PCI WLAN Card. Free AIRIS Windows 98/NT//XP Version Free.

Clicking on the Download Now (Visit Site) button above will open a. This page contains airis v257 driver installation download for Airis v257 V mini PCI WLAN Card in supported models (KN1) that are running a supported operating.

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